A natural caress for your face. The make-up remover and exfoliating glove in microfiber and silver filaments will allow you to benefit from a SMART cleansing, simply using water. Removes makeup quickly and conveniently. This, thanks to the special patented microfiber that deeply cleanses the skin in a simple gesture and using just water, leaving the skin free of imperfections and impurities. Simply glide the side with the silver filaments over your face, activating the AG+ IONS that contribute to the creation of an environment hostile to microbial and bacterial formation.


Natural cleanser, Antibacterial, Lasts 6 months

Beauty Tip

Wash face with lukewarm water and place glove over four fingers. Massage face delicately with the microfiber side of the glove and carefully remove all makeup particles. If necessary repeat the steps. To exfoliate face, massage with white side of the glove that has the silver threads.


Microfiber and silver thread


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